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1930 Ford Pickup

The pickup was in pieces laying in a garage floor when I bought it. All the usual rusted out panels had to be replace as the frame was bent and had to be straightened, boxed and new cross members with extra bracing. The pictures show some of what has been done to it. It now has a '51 Mercury 8ba 4" stroke, bored to 3 5/16", ported with cylinder head chamber and block work. Ross forged pistons, balanced, Schneider cam ground for fuel injection, Center Force flywheel and pressure plate, high volumn oil pump, Sanderson headers and a 1 wire g3 Ford alternator. It has full sequentional fuel injection with the injectors mounted under the intake manifold in the valve chamber. The four ECG6 carburetors have been gutted and 1 3/8" ID aluminum tubing pressed into them for a straight through design as the pictures will show. I am using an Electromotive Tec3r engine management ecu for the fuel injection and crankshaft triggered ignition. It has a T5 five speed manual transmission, open driveshaft into a '40 Ford banjo rearend.The banjo rear end has been modified to use Ford 9" type axles. When I got it home I clamped, bolted and wired it together and took it to DMV for registeration and then dismantled it for the build. It has a '32 grill shell and hood on it with a forged 4" dropped front axle..

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